Monday, February 25, 2013

Phone Photography- Pretty Things, part 1

Let's start from the beginning. One day, my iPhone notified me that I had used up almost all of my storage. So in order to get more storage for the future, I deleted the 400+ pictures from my phone and transferred them on to my laptop. As I was going through the photos, I thought this would make a cool series on my blog. Of course, a lot of these images are already also posted on my Instagram, but why not add a bit of detail and let YOU see them?! There will be two parts to my 'pretty things' series, and multiple more parts to my, at the moment untitled 'food' series. 

PS: I have an iPhone 5 (with an 8mp camera and flash capability). 

Ahhhh. The first full day of having my new phone, I took a lens flare picture in my hometown. I remember being surprised that the infamous purple hue wasn't showing up.

The beginning of any new season is exciting. Especially autumn!

A Pittsburgh sunset from my Nana's apartment. This has been my phone's screensaver for quite some time. IT'S SO PRETTY.

This is actually the tunnel featured in the film Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Morning view. This is where the sunset was two pictures ago.

On a drive to Philadelphia to visit my Uncle, we always pass these huge factories just before the city. The amount of visible pollution is insane. I call this 'Pollution City'.

I want to say this was right before Hurricane Sandy.....maybe not. Either way, the bamboo was swaying quite ferociously. 

This was at my sisters soccer game in November. I love taking pictures in this style. Look at the supa-cool sky. Look at it!

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  1. I love this concept and a great use of the varying technologies by transferring from y our phone to computer to blog. Some great photos! And the tunnel from the movie--neat!

    I look forward to seeing more in part 2!!