Saturday, February 9, 2013

"A Cat in Paris" - Thoughts

I just finished watching the animated film A Cat in Paris, and it was amazing.

The visuals were many shots of Paris! Every time the cat made the journey from his two 'homes', I got goosebumps due to the nature of his route. With or without the assistance of the plot, this cinematography in this film is definitely a love letter to Paris.

And the plot itself was such a classic adventure. It reminds me of the more conventional/realistic/artsy Adventures of TinTin.

Character development was ACE. With the exception of the super bad guy, my opinions of each character changed throughout the sixty minute extravaganza.

Out of ten stars, I'd give it eleven.

If it wasn't clear: THIS FILM IS ANIMATED.


  1. This sounds very good especially if one has been to the City of Lights. I didn't realize it was a full length feature. I will have to look for it as I like animated films

  2. I loved the animation and makes one pine for Paris. But I don't like cats so I would give it a 7 out of 10.