Thursday, May 30, 2013

bedroom inspiration

...because I hate am bored with my room.

Low bed. Love the platform/side table. Such a cool concept!

For the brick wall and sheets.

I absolutely love when beds are right up against a window (with curtains, of course). It reminds me of hotels, and I always sleep well in hotels.

SO much character. I want a tilted ceiling, I want I want I want. The carpeting sucks, but that ceiling and window is amazing.

Nice wall decorations.

Would I ever put a mosquito blanked over my bed? Probably not. But there's something about that look I find so intriguing.

Window: check. Fairy lights: check. Comfortable bed situation: check. Wall accents: check.

all of these photos are from tumblr

Monday, May 13, 2013

city times

Spring Break--late March--I went to New York for three days. 

Fifth Avenue clouds.

Times Square at night.

Park Avenue, my absolute favorite street in the city.

Vintage Manhattan.

Mmmmm, buildings on the Park.

Grand Central.