Friday, March 22, 2013

final noms- Food Photography

A cold winter's eve. Watching something on Netflix.

Preparations for all the baking that we do in winter. Exciting stuff.

Successfully made meringues.

After Argo. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. In addition to the rolls, I consumed some smoked salmon and nutella-esque spread.

Le jams of Le Pain.

One morning I decided to make myself a fancy American breakfast.

Finished product! The corn tasted bad, but the rest of the meal was pretty American and good. And salty.

I got suprised with a huge sticky bun from an organic bakery. IT WAS SO GOOD.

We made pecan bars, and they were pretty spectacular. In the basement fridge there are still a few bars left, actually.

This is the final post of my iPhone pictures! Bon appetite!

Monday, March 11, 2013

sweets and falafel- Food Photography

Whole Foods, picking up lunch.

Mmmmmm. So in Pittsburgh there's a bakery that makes the most delicious cinnamon bread in the universe.  (You can actually see the brown sugary cinnamon oozing out for the bread!) When I'm visiting family there, I have this usually every morning.

Macaroons at a cute café. Pittsburgh.

This is a bar of chocolate purchased at Godiva's Black Friday sale. And this picture was taken in the car coming home from Pittsburgh. There was snow!

As part of the required culture lessons in French 3, my teacher decided to have us bake crepes.

Christmas cookies!

Chocolate muffins made with cake mix and a can of pumpkin.

One morning I woke up to a plate of Parisian pastries laying on the kitchen counter. The pastries in the middle were the best--apple tarts.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

carbs, candy, and protein OH MY- Food Photography

Food Photography time. I have three posts worth of reluctant carbs, candy, and protein for my dear readers. 

Whenever my parents pick up a baguette, I turn it into garlic bread. Salty, chewy, AND crunchy!

I followed a recipe for one chocolate chip cookie, and ended up with that huge cookie pie, featuring Reese's Pieces.

The first time I bought lunch at school--by myself! I got this delicious sandwich at the grocery store. Then I went to eat it outside. I miss October just a tad bit.

<3 this picture, mainly due to its contents.

Cupcakes! If you're curious, the occasion was a French party before winter break. Although you never need an occasion to make cupcakes. Just make 'em.

Fro-yo at the mall.

This is one of my FAVORITE dishes at a local high-end Asian restaurant. It's Tokyo dashi broth with egg noodles and beef. My guilty pleasure food is 100% good Asian dishes.

Altoids; a staple in my room and in my mouth.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pretty Things, part 2

Once you get past the factories outside Philly, you get to the city. This day was snowy, and as I took this photo from the car window, my flash went off. I thought the flash would have ruined the photo, but it actually made the snowflakes look like little sparkles in the city. Pretty pretty, if I don't say so myself.

This is when we went to see Argo in a little theater downtown. The picture above is of some shops just across the street from the theater. For a visualization of inside the movie theater, think of the Catacombs in Paris with carpeting and no skeletons.

I like when the sky looks big and blue. That's the chimney of my next-door neighbor.

On the day before Obama's second Inauguration, we went downtown to see everything being set up.

Yep, that's the Mall.

Frontyard is nice.

All through winter we haven't gotten much accumulation of snow, so when it snows as little as it did in the image above, I just have to rush to my phone and snap a picture.