Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last night of break.

School starts up again tomorrow. I have just under two weeks of new material before semester UNO exams start.

So this post is kind of like a countdown to January 14th.

I'm interested to see what the verbal attitude of my teachers will be like regarding the looming exams--since September the phrase "this is going to reappear on the semester final" has been used after practically every lesson for practically every subject.

As this year (2012-2013) is my first year of high school, I've never "made" grades that colleges will eventually see. The format of how colleges do see my grades is actually pretty great. Only semester grades for classes (quarter 1 + quarter 2 + final exam) are shown on college resumes, so even if you get a B in a particular class during the first quarter, you have another quarter plusss a final exam to improve that B.

School tomorrow, incase you forgot.
Good night.