Sunday, October 13, 2013

life revelations

Hey. Did you know the government is shut down? Did you know that most people in America don't care? That's what I learned this week.

In AP GOV we learned about Middle America, and how most of the population doesn't give two craps about the government, and is in fact rather uninformed. Most papers don't talk solely about the federal government.

Living in DC, we are immersed with politics, so it is a pretty big part of our lives. In most of America, this isn't the case, and problems in Washington can seem far away. Also, most people's daily newspaper isn't The Washington Post, which is read by leaders from all over the world. I think it's cool that ours is.

The reason I like learning this is because I love knowing where I am in the grand scheme of things. (That's why I plan on taking AP HUMAN GEO). I often sit down in front of the mirror in my room and pretend I'm a monkey. Or no, I am a monkey. I don't even know why I'm typing. God. Okay. I should write my AP GOV paper and study for chem.

Haha. Ha.