Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photos from Sugar Loaf Mountain

The initial view.

There was this one tree that was just covered in ribbons. I though it looked pretty.

  You can check out the non-exclusive photos on my Flickr.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm definitely not the fastest reader, and I have gone for weeks without reading a book, but I do enjoy reading. Especially when the books good.

Dystopian is the new Vampire. You've probably heard this recently, due to the fact that a) Dystopian has always been the best and b) The Hunger Games movie is coming out in two weeks. But for the general public, this is true. I just love dystopian novels so much. They're addicting, usually fantastically written (although now that it's becoming more popular this might go away), and have great plots.

I'm currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth, which is fantastic! I'm not even a hundred pages in, (and I've been reading it for 5 days now....) but it's amazing. If only I had a longer reading attention span.

But happens. It seems like whenever I'm reading an actually good book, we are assigned a novel for English class. In this case, later this week I will be getting the play 12 Angry Men to read. This is why I read a lot in summer. Also, as far as I'm concerned, 12 Angry Men seems like a scary play--and I get scared easily.

But I'd definitely recommend checking out Divergent and other books on my favorite books Goodreads list. I will be sure to read some more dystopian novels soon.

These pictures are from the quiantest book store (considering I usually go to Barnes and Nobel) I've been to. Not sure what street it's on, but it's across from Columbia University in New York City. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mathematical Stress

Today in Algebra, we had an 18 point quiz. It was on monomials, and since I had some trouble understanding it, I studied for a long time. I was prepared...or so I thought.

As the bell rang, my teacher walked into the classroom, and said "Everything off your desks, quiz time." Whenever a math teacher hands out a quiz, I panic. It's only with math. I doubt myself so much (in math) that I go into PANIC MODE when a quiz is handed out. I freak out and forget everything I learned. It sucks.

I got the quiz, and was happy to see it was easy, but surprised to not see a single negative monomial. As I neared the end of the quiz, a few of the problems had answers that were negative, in which I'd transfer to positive. No biggie. But, you see, for the negative monomial, I wasn't sure whether to subtract via denominator or numerator. Except I wasn't sure of exactly how to subtract. And so I tried the first possible way, and continued on with my test.

**three minutes later**

Me: What?! Only two negative answers?!! This can't be correct. *goes on to re-check answers*
-----ah, must have subtracted wrong. Or not. Or yes. Ugh. Well, I probably did it wrong, because I always do math wrong. *changes answers*

And when I turned in my quiz, relatively unsure about the above predicament, I got out my notes to see if I did it right.

I didn't.

And now, I'm horrified of not only the teacher yelling at me, but the re-take. It's not that I hate re-taking stuff, but by the time I re-take it, I'm paranoid that I'll forget all the rules. The reason I freak out on these tests is because I am so doubtful of myself in math. Contrary to a fifth grade math teacher's theory, I don't have some panicky-test syndrome...well, I do, but only in math.

I can't think of ANYTHING else. I hate being stressed.

The word 'I' started practically every sentence in this post. I'm not asking for sympathy. I am just telling the story of my day. Which, technically, shouldn't even exist--given this quiz was taken on February the 29th.