Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why I Don't Mind Living in America

One of the most common things I hear from people my aged is "I hate living in the USA" or "why can't I live in London or Paris! Ugh!".

But, contrary to many people in my twitterfeed, I don't mind living in the United States of America.

I live in Washington DC. I actually enjoy living near such a powerful, beautiful and prestigious city. Not that DC is my favorite place in the world, but it is nice to be able to hop down to the White House any day I feel like. Also, when traveling internationally it's super fun to tell people I live in Washignton DC, rather than trying to explain to a Dutch person where *small unknown town in possibly familiar but not totally familiar state* is.

I'm in the middle of the world. Living in DC means being equal distance from California and England. Therefore, I am the center of the universe.

I can freely travel to the desert, ocean, mountains, plains--North, East, South + West. I'm not as constricted in physical travel as someone living in France, seeing that America is so big. Am I sick of the humid city? I can go to a cool city...or a small, dry town in Colorado. No visa required.

I identify with awesome pop culture icons--BEYONCE has the same cultural instincts as me! America has a huge supply of celebrities and socialites. That means I have a special, 300,000,000 / 7,000,000,000 bond with Beyonce, Spielberg, Liza Minelli, etc etc etc etc.