Tuesday, March 5, 2013

carbs, candy, and protein OH MY- Food Photography

Food Photography time. I have three posts worth of reluctant carbs, candy, and protein for my dear readers. 

Whenever my parents pick up a baguette, I turn it into garlic bread. Salty, chewy, AND crunchy!

I followed a recipe for one chocolate chip cookie, and ended up with that huge cookie pie, featuring Reese's Pieces.

The first time I bought lunch at school--by myself! I got this delicious sandwich at the grocery store. Then I went to eat it outside. I miss October just a tad bit.

<3 this picture, mainly due to its contents.

Cupcakes! If you're curious, the occasion was a French party before winter break. Although you never need an occasion to make cupcakes. Just make 'em.

Fro-yo at the mall.

This is one of my FAVORITE dishes at a local high-end Asian restaurant. It's Tokyo dashi broth with egg noodles and beef. My guilty pleasure food is 100% good Asian dishes.

Altoids; a staple in my room and in my mouth.

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