Friday, February 8, 2013

A Confession

I haven't read a full book, outside of English class, for over five months.

It's because there are too many distractions.

Excuses aside, I'm just really annoyed at myself. I love reading, but I just haven't been making the time for it at allllll. And my life consists of other things than Tumblr...for instance, sometimes I go outside and film things and make them into pretty videos. But is editing on Final Cut any healthier than checking Tumblr?

On a normal five day week, I have too much schoolwork to read. By the time Saturday comes around, I'm too ''busy'' galavanting throughout the internet to read a book. And Sunday is usually a repeat of Saturday. Another part of the problem may be the lack of good books I have. There are maybe....six books on my bookshelf that I've owned for half a year, but I haven't finished reading ANY of them. I'll start a few chapters, then stop since I take too long of a break. Maybe all I need are some new, fresh books to motivate me to read again.

By confessing this publicly, I might be able to stop my bad habit of not reading, and start a project of some sorts that forces me to read. I dunnooooo?

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  1. Hi; here's a suggestion. Browse the internet or go to a bookstore and find a couple of new books. Then dedicate perhaps 1 hour on Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday to reading in lieu of the internet. Maybe that will get you back on the road to reading though it is hard to do when one is a full time student.