Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thoughts from Sandy

A severe weather warning has been issued for a better part of the Northeast. Apparently, a devastating storm--Hurricane Sandy--is going to hit hard.

In history class, Mr. D briefly talked about the chance of no school on Monday, and of course a few kids asked why that was. He responded "Hurricane Sandy" and the whole class started laughing. Sandy? I'm so scared.

I expected it to be terribly overcast, but there was a portion of the day when the sun was out and shining. Of course, I did have my shiny new toy to distract me from the looming clouds... Although in the morning it was really really nice outside. I hope our power doesn't go out, because everyone is saying Sandy will knock it out.

Now there is no school on Monday or Tuesday. It's pretty cloudy outside, but Sandy is supposed to hit tonight.

If I wasn't aware that there was a hurricane, I'd think that it was just a really rainy day. Wait--as I'm writing this, the wind is picking up. Apparently TONIGHT Sandy is going to hit. Didn't they say that last night though?
Time has passed, and it's really really windy.

Since I know how worried you were, you'll be relieved to know that I wasn't hit hard by the storm. The power didn't even go out (which is very surprising considering the usual quality of our energy provider). Obviously, I hope that New Jersey's beaches-which I flock to each summer-and their inhabitants recover quickly.

With regards to the b/w photographs, they were each taken within a few moments of each other, so if you put them side by side you'll notice the bamboo moving quite drastically.

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