Sunday, August 5, 2012


San Francisco.

This man (who, by the way, has no teeth), upon noticing me and my sister walking up to the pelican, offered us to pet the bird. (To clarify; the pelican is not owned by this man. It follows him around, looks at him, but is not a domesticated animal.) We hastily declined. And then ran off to the Golden Gate Bridge.

One of my favorite YouTuber's, Marion, made a video documenting her favorite part of Los Angeles...downtown LA. While I appreciated the video, I never understood what it was like to prefer the 'plain and boring' financial part of a city. The financial district of San Francisco showed me what that meant, and I definitely prefer this part of San Francisco to any other.

SUSIE CAKES. Best bakery I've ever been to. Nicest employees I've ever met. Convenient-ist location  to our apartment.

'Ulcatraz. [Pronounced: Yule-cuh-traz]

The fanciest diner I've ever been to. Also the best. I got some good ole' macaroni and cheese.

All in all, I didn't like San Francisco. I have always, and will always continue to aspire to living in a city, but not San Francisco. It's not like New York, Paris, or London (all of which I've had the pleasure of visiting). The three cities just mentioned are considered the greatest in the world--and with good reasoning. I don't feel the way I feel in New York or Paris when I walk through the streets in San Francisco.

I never want to leave New York. As we arrived at SFO, I was relieved that I was leaving.

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