Saturday, August 25, 2012


My favorite aspect of writing is that you can transform your thoughts into words, and those words can be altered and edited to make a beautiful product in the end. But whenever I have a thoughtful message to share with the internet I get stuck trying to transform my thoughts into eloquent words. So I don't end  up writing anything.

A contributing problem to my lack of motivation to write is that the blogs I follow are absurdly amazing at getting a message across via a keyboard. By reading their blogs, do I achieve a sense of accomplishment, as though I've created the content I'm--in reality--yearning to own? I dunno. Quite possibly, I'll never be able to write like the particular person I'm mostly referring to.

I've felt this way about words for a while, but what really brought this subject to light is my 2013 school orientation (which I attended just last week). My S1 English teacher was blabbering on about how the first semester of Honors English focuses on writing, not analysis, which I'm perfectly fine with.    Et le prof had the class do a warm-up, and I got so scared that I'd have to read out loud what I wrote, which got me thinking about the above sentences.

It's interesting how little thoughts take so long to explain and understand once words get involved.

Margate, Bay View; 8/18/12

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