Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Winter

I tend to be relatively inconsistent with updating social networks. To some extent, it's impossible to actually be consistent, whether it be by year (exercising resolutions, anyone?), by week (like YouTube), or (like twitter) by day. In order to try to make more consistent updates, I don't publish movies I make right once they're done rendering on iMovie--instead I wait a week or so. I queue my posts on Tumblr, and I save posts as drafts on this blog. 

And since I'm not sure exactly when this will go up, today is Sunday January 22. On Friday the evening of January 20, it snowed, and due to the freezing temperatures, the snow hasn't gone away that much. It didn't snow that much in the first place, but any snow transforms the world I see each day from a blank winter canvas to a majestic and mysterious winter canvas.

In winter I'm much more creative in everything than I am throughout spring, summer, and autumn. I think the content I produce on YouTube, my tumblr, and this blog also varies depending on the season. Also, I'm more motivated to do work, such as getting work done that isn't due for one month. And I enjoy doing it.

I took these photos in 32 F weather with a light sweater, no undershirt, and thin pajama pants. It was very enjoyable, even though I was shivering. And the ice was pretty.

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