Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Thoughts

Last night, Friday, I got on the bus to Ski Club with very low expectations. I was expecting to have a horrible time, get hurt, almost cry, and write an angry blog post about my experience. I'm so glad that this didn't happen. I, using mental techniques, learned to ski extremely fast and efficiently, and had a good time skiing. Luckily, enjoying the skiing is the part that used to get me nervous, so I am not at all nervous for next weeks Ski Club. The social part, while I'd rather not have it, is easy to handle. So, Ski Club was much better than I expected it to be.

Two years ago, it had snowed over a foot by this time of year, but this (school) year, it has snowed about one inch all together. One inch in October and maybe 1/5 inch throughout December. Last night, on the bus back from Ski Club, I noticed snow on the highway. Once we arrived back to the school at 11:00pm, heavy snow was falling. I love snow, and while I wish it had chosen a day when we had school the next day (so we could have the day off), this one inch of snow was a nice treat.

Cue PhotoBooth picture of the snow. 

Also, I hit 1.3 million points in Temple Run having had it for less than a week--I accomplished this on a moving bus.

And my camera has a problem where no sound is recorded...almost as if the mic isn't working. So sadly, I'll have to be taking my camera into a shop soon.

I'm definitely looking foward to more snow, more skiing, and more cake.

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