Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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    /\ taken with Nikon D3100 in Monterey, CA. \/ taken with phone in my house. 

For a while, I've been seeing photos pop up on my Instagram newsfeed with the hashtag "vscocam". I soon realized that "vscocam" was an application you can download to pre-edit your photos for Instagram.

Today I downloaded the VSCO Cam app. And it's wonderful!

Since I first got my Instagram I've been really against the idea of editing photos with third-party editors. Also I disliked how people would post photos taken with a professional camera on a network meant for capturing quick moments with a cellphone. While I still stand by my later statement, I take back the former.

VSCO Cam allows you to put natural looking edits on photos, and then post them directly to any social network. I can't wait to take a nice picture soon, and then post it to Instagram...not before editing it on VSCO Cam before though.

PS: this post was written over a month ago, and I've actually had VSCO cam for quite a while now.

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