Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Documenting My Day

6 pm. Wednesday. 17 April 2013

5:30 am: Wake up, shower, eat cereal, get dressed.
6:43 am: Leave home, get on bus.
6:55 am: Arrive at school. Walk downstairs to location where I like to sit before school really starts. Talk to people n' stuff.
7:20 am: First bell rings. Walk to locker room because I have PE.
7:35 am: After using up as much time as possible to change into my gym clothes (even though I just got dressed an hour before, ughhh), go outside and do silly PE activities.
8:10 am: Leave locker room late after being let out from PE late.
8:15 am: History class. Easy but boring. Watch film on Cuban Missile Crisis. Eh. Eat half of my lunch during movie. Mmm.
9:05 am: Time for French. My teacher sucks. Of course she doesn't know any of the verbs. Why would she? Did I mention we don't actually start doing anything until 9:35? 30 minutes of teacher trying to get the slideshow up.
10:00 am: Walk to Tech room.  Nope, computer lab today. Walk to computer lab 250. Work on Chernobyl/Katrina project. Finish project.
10:50 am: Lunch time. Go to turf field and eat outside. Leave slightly before the bell rings so I don't risk being late to my next class.
11:40 am: Biology. This teacher scares me. This teacher confuses me. Lab on dichotomous keys. Easy breezy beautiful.
12:25 pm: Leave Bio room and go downstairs to English. Finish annotating Atticus' closing speech to the jury. Timed writing. Oh no.
1:20 pm: Exit English room after a stressful timed writing. Now onto math. Unit test tomorrow. Re-take on Friday. I hate Geometry.
2:10 pm: Leave school, get on bus.
2:30 pm: Arrive at house. Walk upstairs and get changed into pajamas. Eat yogurt.
3:00 pm: History homework. Finish Science lab. Frequent internet breaks.
4:00 pm: Treadmill.
4:30 pm: Shower.
5:00 pm: Read Hemingway book. Study for Geometry test.
6:00 pm: Currently.

PS: the times I give are approximate; they may not be 100% exact, but they're pretty close.

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