Saturday, May 5, 2012

Margate of the Past

These photos are from Summer 2011. My first every Youtube video (on a different, now deleted account) contained footage from that trip. Every year, family friends lend their house to us for a few days during the Summer.

Ah, Margate beach house. Quaint x 100

Une [outdoor] douche. 

Morning walks on the beach. Always pleasant, especially when the weather is nice. Which it always is. 

You can see the sea water rushing to my footprint. 

These photos were all taken on a Coolplix--a point and shoot--, but turned out great. The quality of my old camera was just fantastic, although I don't remember the exact name. 

Ocean City, at night. Just a few minutes (20) away from Margate, this is the touristy area. There's a boardwalk, tons of rental beach houses, and a mini amusement park. 

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