Saturday, June 15, 2013


On December 22, 2012 I decided to start running. I've never been a runner. In fact, I've never been an exerciser of any sort. Group sports give me anxiety (and still do!) and when we had to run the mile in PE I wanted to actually die. This was my mindset up until December 22 2012.

So why did I, all of the sudden, start running on the treadmill? I'm not really sure. I never watched a video that truly inspired me to start running, and it wasn't ever a new year resolution. From what I can remember from 7 months ago, it was winter break and I had probably eaten some junk food that morning. Therefore, I felt crappy. So instead of slowly moping on the treadmill for ten minutes (2 mph, yo!) I decided to run and feel less fat. That day, I burned 400 calories.

Since then, I've burned a minimum of 200 calories/day on the treadmill--every day since December 22. Part of my success in running (mental success, not necessarily physical success--though I'd like to think I've had both) has been my consistency. I've never ever skipped a day of running, with the exception of a few days in Philadelphia/New York where I instead walked around, as well as the recent day when I got a tooth pulled.

But now I love running. It definitely gives me an au natural high, and it makes my day feel accomplished, even if I didn't leave the house. I can easily run 2 miles at a 8 min 30 sec pace (this is what the treadmill tells me, who knows if it's totally correct).

Speaking of leaving the house: My only complaint about running is that I'm too scared to run outside in my neighborhood. The reason behind this is rather silly: I don't want any people I know from school to see me running...I think it's kind of embarrassing. Although whenever I go to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or New York or anywhere run-able in the future, I happily run outside. But in my neighborhood..not so much.

If you'd like to know my "technicalities" for running, here they are.
-Nike shorts (basketball style, not running style...I can't rock short shorts, sadly)
-Whatever loose, solid color old navy shirt I have (although I'd really like some better running tops)
-Nike dual fusion running shoes (gray)
-Normal short white socks (from Target, of course)
-iPhone + Earpods

Some inspirational stuff I like to watch:
Any of Casey Neistat's videos...he's a big runner and some videos show him running, which is oddly inspiring.
This video by a guru/vlogger named Allison. 
An article with great tips for running.

Happy running!

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