Friday, December 14, 2012


I follow a great blog on Tumblr, and a while ago she posted a word/travel tag in which you write a few sentences about how you associate travel/experiences while traveling with a particular word. So I did it. 

14: asylum
Russia. I'm not an expect on Russian geography, but the area where there are a lot of secret spies would remind me of an asylum. Cold and snowy. I feel like there would be some type of horrific, abusive asylum in the middle of Russia. No offense to people in Russia, or anything.

27: cafe
Paris. I wish I kept a record of all the cafe's (or restaurants in general) that we ate at while in Paris. The most visited cafe was Paul'swhich had delicious pastries and small tables. J'adore Parisian cafe's. 

21: yacht
NV/AZ area. Over time I've watched many travel specials on yachts. One of the locations I remember seeing yachts sail were in the canyon-y areas of the Southwest. 

16: oil
Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill. Oil is just disgusting, unless it's the olive kind. Or maybe I associate oil Italy, since olives are grown there.  Wait, what?

9: laugh
Roller coasters. They're fun and exciting. 

10: padlock
Los Angeles. Padlocks aren't particularly pretty, and neither is most of LA. Also, Ke$ha lives in the LA.

17: clay
Northern woods. Native American's fascinate me. Before the Westerner's came to destroy their way of life, it seems as if the Native's had such a nice, laid back, caveman-esque life. I wrote a few chapters for a fictional novel about Native Americans a few years back, and I'm still just as fascinated with their way of life. I imagine them living in the woods with tall trees, getting water from the stream, making clay to share with family...that sounds sort of like Katniss Everdeen's life. Not that her life is in any way glamarous and fun.

8: radar
American highways. Radar is such a technological word, and when I'm on the highway I always feel like I'm on a 'radar'. Everything's monitored and watched and planned. 

3: beach

20: frost
Vancouver, BC. A few months ago, I was introduced to twoaftertwenty (a great photo blog by a college graduate), who made a few posts about her trip in Vancouver and British Columbia in general. The snow and frost fascinates me, as do the animals that inhabit those areas. I really want to go to Vancouver in the winter, as I do for Canada and some Northern European country. Incase you didn't know, I love snow, and since I usually travel in the summer I don't travel to places with snow! Hmu, North North America. 

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