Friday, June 29, 2012

The N. Cali Project [Phase 1, Planes + Beaches!]

Pronounced "en cali".

Over the next couple of weeks/months--(I haven't exactly planned this all out yet!)-- I will be publishing  many of the photos from my trip to Northern California this past June. On YouTube, video footage from California is going up; slowly but [not very] steadily. All clear? Okay, here we go.

Throughout this whole project, lens flares will be common. As I was going through the photos earlier, I noticed some in places I hadn't expected. Two cheers for lens flares!

For the first two days in California, we stayed in Santa Cruz. Above is the boardwalk amusement park which was the only nice part of Santa Cruz. The town as a whole disappointed me...probably because I expected it to be a beautiful beach town, which it isn't. If you ever do visit Santa Cruz, make sure to go on the wooden roller coaster, for it was awesome.

If you any questions, leave them in the comments below, and I'll be happy to reply! x]


  1. Nice photos
    What is a lens flare?

    1. "Scattered light" in a photograph. You can see big circles of color/light in some of the photographs; these are lens flares.