Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Amsterdam City

On request, we spend a good portion of the day in Central Park. We climbed rocks, longing for adventure. I've always loved climbing rocks because while your on the rock itself, you feel much more magnificent and majestic than you appear from below, which is truly magical. Birds flew by in the crisp autumn air (the weather was beautiful)  in large flocks, dodging the seemingly small trees in the vast concrete jungle of New York City. 

Leaving the park, we saw a roller skater practicing for what seemed to be a routine. I used to ice skate, and was rather good at it, and seeing that someone could do the same on land was surprisingly suprising. (More so than finding out that 'Arthur Weasly' played one of the kidnappers in 101 Dalmatians).

I also found the horses that Lea Michele never shuts up about.

We went to Columbia University (no footage) which was nice, but after seeing NYU in Greenwich Village, I preferred NYU much much much more than Columbia. I like cities. 

In Washington Square, we happened upon some racist, yet ever so intriguing street performers who were gathering various races. The street performers at the end of the video are different ones. 

We went to see "Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" in which he was amaziiing in...if I wasn't so tired, I would've enjoyed it more. My sister met him at the stage door, and I was further back in the crowd, witnessing the hubb-ubb that happens every day. 

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